• “10/10 would recommend to a friend”

  • Serlina
  • “Absolutely refreshing taste. Gimme more”

  • Bucker78
  • “Strong, dark and delicious”

  • Antony

“10/10 would recommend to a friend”

Serlina Shop GAMR

“Absolutely refreshing taste. Gimme more”

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“Strong, dark and delicious”

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Our Coffee


A powerful light roast for that marathon gaming session and the perfect morning coffee to take on the day.

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Medium roast, 50% Uganda, 50% Brazil Fazenda blend is the perfect balance of power and flavour.

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The Dark roast of our blends. A smooth mix of Arabica and Robusta beans to maximise flavour and POWER.

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What our customers are saying

CRACKD Coffee have really smashed these grinds out the park, I can easily compare these to very high tier artisanal coffee 9.2/10


Absolutely delicious! Smells great too! Would highly recommend!


Well all I can say is it's great. Went for the FOCUSD first, loved the flavour, very rich and did help my focus. Then went to the GAMR. Again great taste, great flavour. I would have loved more it's that good.